Pussy Legal
Please read!
1) Pussy Coin is not designed as an investment or money making opportunity of any sort. We make no promises of any financial benefits through purchasing our coins. 

2) Pussy Coin is not affiliated with any other businesses within the Adult entertainment sector or any other sector for that matter. Any statements made by others claiming as such, are false. 

3) The characters "Delilah", "Sir Henry Isaac" and "Lady Antstrewth" are purely fictional, and their stories are not based on any real life events or otherwise. 

4) The creation of our own Adult content website is dependent on several factors outside of Pussy Coin. We cannot at this stage guarantee that such a project will proceed. But we will damn well try our best to make it happen! 

5) We have stated that by holding Pussy Coin, you will have access to all uploaded content on our future website. This statement is entirely dependent on if and only if our website project is established.

6) By purchasing or trading Puss tokens, one should not expect any financial return. By purchasing Puss tokens, you are simply supporting the concepts and ideas behind the project. If you are looking to make an financial investment, this is not the project for you. 

7) We cannot guarantee any price increases or decreases of Pussy coins after purchase. This out of our control and dependent on the market at the time.