All News Posts 2018
Airdrops are now on the go!
April 30, 17:30pm AEDT

After much debate amongst the team, we have decided that airdrops are the best way to spread our Pussy love. 

We will be giving out random amounts of Pussycoin, ranging from a small 100, up to a superpuss load of 5000 tokens per drop! All you have to do is visit one of our social media sites or forums and like us or post about us. For more details on the sites, see below:

Facebook - Visit our page, and give us a 'like'. 

Twitter - Visit our page, follow us and give us a 'like'. 

Steemit - Visit the page, and 'upvote' the post. 

Bitcointalk forum - Visit the page, and write a post, telling us who your favourite character is from "Delilah's Ballad". 

Altcoinstalks forum - Visit the page, and write a post, telling us who your favourite character is from "Delilah's Ballad". 
Join our team at Pussycoin!
March 31, 19:42pm AEDT

We are currently looking for developers, promoters, marketing folk, content writers and other creative types! If you think you have something to offer the team..

Currently we need:

Animation developer 
We are looking for someone who can put together a short animation video regarding a young French kitten's journey towards adulthood.  

Social media promoters
We've never really toyed with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Quora, Medium, Linkedin, I- okokok. Basically, what we're saying, is that we don't have a lot of friends. If you would like to help us out by networking on some of these platforms, send us a message! 

We need a graphics artist to put together a selection of Karma Sutra positions featuring our mascot Puss. We are hoping to have at least ten or so. 

Naturally, all contributors will receive a healthy portion of Pussy.
We are now live on Social Media!
March 18, 17:46pm AEDT

Pussycoin has extended it's paws to Facebook, Twitter and Reddit! Please check the homepage for the links. Even though we think Facebook and Twitter are pretty lame (centralized... *cough* centralized *meow*) feel free to like us anyway!! 

We're still working on the final adjustments for the white paper and website. But after that we'll be able to dedicate more time to networking and getting our name out there. is launched!
March 15, 20:06pm AEDT

Amazingly, with the support of our lovely team at PussyCoin, we are finally able to launch our cuddly project!! Please remember to send us a message by clicking the mail button on the home page. We'd love to hear from you! And if you have any problems viewing the webpage, please let us know so we can fix them!