Who is Team Puss?
We're a group of girl and boy kitty cats who believe in progressive change. We're not businesspeople. We're not interested in monopolies and making big money. We just really love the concept of genuine decentralization and what block chain and crypto technology can bring to the world.
Where can I find Pussy?
Our home base is in Australia, although our team is international and many of us roam in other parts of the world. 
We have something that (most) men don't...
What, above all, really makes us unique?  

Our principle and foremost difference is our collective Puss. Yes, that's right. Collective Puss.

We feel that by always maintaining an equal or greater number of women within our group at Pussycoin.co, we can truly change the progress of the adult industry. We understand that a large amount of the issues surrounding the adult industry are not simply about gender, but we feel that this is a great start.
We're also Ailuraphiles. And you better damn well accept it.

Our Team
At Pussycoin, we have a strict policy:

No Founders
No Corporate Selfies
And No Vani-
Hmm. Actually, no that's it. 

We all have our individual roles and parts to play. And we're all in this together! Meet some of the team behind the golden puss!
We're still small... but that's the way we like it. 
Tia - Web design, Translation
EmeƩ - Media, Editing
Taniko - Content, Social Media
James - Content, Development
Nicole - Software Development