"Pussy Coin will decentralize the adult industry." 
Excuse me?
You heard right, we want to change the adult industry, and turn it up on it's back paws!

You see, at Pussycoin.co we see a big problem within the adult industry. Just like almost everything else it seems in the world at the moment, it's run by big companies who couldn't care less about the community behind the scenes.

It's centralized, and it's ugly... and it's horrible. So let's put our pussies together and change it! Meowwwww!!
Umm... ok. So what are they?
Pussycoins, also commonly referred to as Puss Tokens or P-Coins, are ERC-20 tokens, powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

They're speedy, secure and irrestibly sexy. Just as all good pussy cats should be. 
But there's just, so many men...
Yeah, we know. Trust us... we know. At Pussycoin.co, we're tired of seeing the adult industry continue to be run by the same traditions for centuries, persistantly dominated by men.

So we're here to bring change.

By ensuring that there will always be a gender ratio of one to one or greater, for all our projects, site development and activities... le'ts return the power of the puss. 
I need a Community Puss
Community Puss you say?

Currently, there are large monopolies running the majority of the adult content realm. We won't name any names. Po- *cough*! Cornhub! We meant cornhub. 

These groups are also often associated with casino style gambling sites, sports betting and general greedy riff raff! Those dirty dogs! Those dirty, beastly dogs! They're only interested in money! It's time for a change...

We propose adult content websites run by members, for members, with the only profits going to contributors, site administrators and developers. No CEOS! No Upper Management! No nonsense! 
I want a Puss with benefits
Then that's exactly what you'll get! 

Pussycoin aims to create the first ever adult content website, where simply by being a Puss Token holder, you will have access to ALL content which is uploaded. That's right, no more cheesy memberships or premium subscriptions. We'll say it again, NO MORE premium memberships! 

We're all about equality.
I had a dream last night of future Pussy
Oh did you now. Did it... have these in it?

Adult Video Sites  
Well, we're not there yet. But our first aim is to create the world's first decentralized adult content website. And when we do... you had better bet it's going to be whiskerly sublime!

Erotic Fiction  
We want a site that doesn't just connect, but also rewards the greatest and most delicious storytellers. Mmm.  

Adult Video Gaming
Let's face it. Adult video games are just... well, the'yre terrible. We're particularly interested in developing Adult mobile games. Wouldn't it be nice to cuddle up in bed at night and cheekily play away with a naughty little game? Or on the subway... 

Social And Activity Groups
The adult industry isn't just about film and stories. And it's certainly not just about money! Our greater interest, believe it or not, is in the community. We want to create a free, safe and welcome environment for social events, learning classes and sexual awareness groups. Our underlying policy for these will always be about gender equality and sexual acceptance. 

Want to know more?
Feel free to download our white paper, check out our team or read the legal section, by clicking the links below:
With Delilah
We knew you might have a few questions about our website and project. Here are some of the most popular so far...
Q) I want to make lots of money in a really really short time. I am hoping that Pussy Coin will double, triple... even quadruple in value after I buy it! I really really want to make money. Is Pussy Coin a good investment for me? 
A) No. Maybe try one of those coins with "Gold" or "Platinum" or... "Megasuperspecial" written in the name.   

Q) Damn... I reall-
A) No. Just... no. 
Q) I would love to join the Pussy Coin team. What can I do to help?
A) Well, lots of things! You should check out our news section for more information.  We're always looking for people with different skills to help out.  
Q) I don't get it. There's so many different names. Pussy Coins... Puss Tokens... P-Coins. Which one is the correct term for Pussy Coin? 
A) Well, Pussy Coin will always be the correct term. However, Puss Tokens are kind of cute and we like that. P-Coins... hmm. We're not so sure if we like that nickname. It's a bit boring isn't it.  Meh. Whatever... 
Q) Your website sucks. 
A) Well, firstly, that’s not really a question. And secondly, yeah… we know... we know. We're not good programmers and it’s not the greatest or the fanciest site. The idea behind it is simplicity and pussycats… and adult looking stuff. And black. Lots of black.
Q) Your website is awesome! I love the simplicity of it.  
 A) Wait, what? Grrr.  
Q) I once had a fantasy about a giant sized cat. He was robust and strong, like Sir Henry. I sometimes imagine him when I'm intimate with my partner. Is there something wrong with me?
A) Whilst we don't know the full details of your situation... it is quite possible that there is an imbalance in your neural chemistry, yes. However, that said, we do recognize that Sir Henry has an alluring charm about him... and it is understandable that you are seduced by him. 
Q) Are you single Lady Antstrewth? 
A) Did you even read the ballad at all? Sigh. 
Q) I don't wanna be superficial, but.... hmm. You guys don't really look like "Adult Industry" folk. 
A) Oh, yeah, I guesss we forgot to put on our nurse outfits and black leathery stuffs. Oh, and the maid costume... damn. Why didn't we think of that.  

Seriously though, that's kind of a big point of who we are, or perhaps what we're definitely not. We're just normal people, everyday people who happen to have a slightly greater than normal taste for ummm.... yeah. Probably somewhat similar to yourself, dear reader. Ahem. Next question please!

Q) My wife and I have been having problems in the bedro- 
 A) Woaaah. Woah. this just stepped up a notch. Let me just stop you right there mister. I think you’re in the wrong question area. We can’t really help with you that. I mea-

Well… actually, hang on.  
"Hey Tia, this guy says he is having problems getting it up with his wife. Can we help with that?" 
Tia: (Pause) Hmm. (Pause)


(Pause)....What does he look like?
A) Wow. Okay… look I’m just going to say no for now. But check with our site at a later date!  

Q) Wait, I didn’t say anything about not being able to “get it up”. I ahh. Ahem! I’ll have you know my woofer is doing perfectly fine down there thank you very much.   

A) Oh my. I'm so sorry. Then what’s the problem?
Q) Well, it’s ahh. The thing is. Look, it's... 

A) Yes?
Q) Okay. It’s an erection problem. Yeah.  

A) I’m so sorry.   
Q) It’s okay. I gotta go now... 

A) Geez. Poor guy. "Hey Tia!" 
Q) It's great that Pussycoin is supporting gender equality, but what about the LGBTIQ community? 
A) Pussycoin is all about progression and equality. In fact, that's one of the biggest motivators behind our project. So how do we go about our one to one gender policy for our projects? Well... we recognize that it's not ideal, but you have to start somewhere, and to be fair, it's a complicated problem. Right now, the main issue is the cis male dominance of the industry, and so we thought we would tackle that first, regardless of an individuals' sexual indentity.

However, if youdon't identify as male or female, we absolutely still want you on our team. You just won't be part of the exclusive ratio policy... oh no!  

Q) Is Pussycoin really necessary to operate an Adult content site? 
A) Well of course it isn't. Are any cryptocurrencies really necessary? Well... not at this stage. The whole point is progression. We know that Pussycoin won't ever be the digital dollar of the Adult industry. But at the same time, it certainly does have loads of practical uses. Instant and secure  payments for live broadcasts, instant rewards for uploading stories, token holding for site access... the list goes on. And of course, as with all cryptocurrencies, the best part is that you won't ever need to support a dirty old big bank! 
Q) My parents never really loved me much growing up, and now that I’m older we don’t talk much. Do you think I should confront them about it?   
A) Ummmm. To be honest, Pussycoin is not really at liberty to help out with family or domestic issues you may have. We are mostly just a crypto coin. Actually, at this stage, that’s all we are. Even once , or if the website is up and running, we are not sure that it will be of benefit to your current dilemma. But at least you can relax and enjoy some great videos and stories.  
Q) Why did you use such harsh language in describing Hugh Hefner. And isn’t it a bit cruel talking about someone who has passed away.  
A) Ummm. Hello? Does anyone really care about Hugh? The guy was.. ughh. 
Q) Yeah but he did so much for the industry. I mean, where would we be without playboy and… umm. And. umm. Well, you know... like, other stuff he did.  
A) Humm… yeah. I can’t continue this conversation anymore. You’re stupid.  
Well! I think that just about wraps it for questions for now! I think we have covered all bases. Remember, if you have any more questions that aren’t listed here, just shoot us a message on the link below, or via the homepage (Please include FAQ in the subject).
Delilah's Ballad
The birth of a Pussy...
(Please click the images for colour)
Sir Henry Isaac

Sir Henry Isaac held a reputation for being one of the humblest gentlepuss in all of the Queen's  kingdom. Born into a poor trading family in Yorkshire, his parents could not afford to keep him, and they resorted to abandoning him. However, fearing that he would not survive the harsh winters of the north, they made the journey south, where they left him crying in a puss crib outside a church in Westminster Abbey.

Cold, alone and vulnerable, this dear British puss was left to fend for himself... and he began life in the hardest way possible. No family... no friends, and not even a scrap of food to get by with. He was the frailest, poorest little creature in the Abbey. 

And yet, all this time, as he wandered, Sir Henry Isaac only had one thing on his mind. Womenpuss. 
By the time he had reached adulthood, he had transformed into a robust and most chunky beast. He was desirable, delicious...  and handsome. Every woman and child wanted him... and it didn't take  long before he would find work as an errand boy at one of Westminster's finest pleasure parlours, "The Frivolous Old Pig". And so the legend began, of the great "jiggalapuss" (Puss Gigolo). 
Lady Anstrewth

Lady Antstrewth was both Sir Henry's mistress... and master. An ailuraphile by trade, she made her fortune by offering Western Europe a service that was entirely irrestible... and after only a few years, she was soon known as "The Sly Puss". 

Of course, it was her own desires that led her to the path of Sir Henry Isaac. During one of her escapades across the continent, she came across "The Frivolous Old Pig", due to it's reputation. Asking for the most charming and decadent beast on offer, she was met with Sir Henry. His dark grey fur, the piercing eyes... and those gentle cuddly paws. It was all too much for her, and it didn't take long before she and the great Jiggalapuss had developed a deep and passionate affair of sorts. 

They would embrace and meow for nights on end. Weeks would pass. Months. She coudn't resist the rambunctious puss! Before long they became a household name, and every man, woman and child longed to be like them. The intenseness of their relationship... it was irrepresible.  

It was from this "call to desire", that they started their first establishment. "Le Pusse de le chambre"  (Puss of the bed).  
From the affair of Lady Antstrewth and Sir Henry Isaac, came the birth of Delilah, the "golden puss". She had thick, glowing fur and a soft pink nose. The midwives at the hospital claimed she was the cutest kitten they had ever seen born. 

However, it did not take long for happiness to turn to great tragedy. For sadly, neither Lady Anstrewth nor Sir Henry survived the birth, and  Delilah was left an orphan, to be raised in the only home her mother had ever known... "Le Pusse".

Surrounded by harlots, jiggapussy... and pleasure seekers alike, Delilah quickly learned the secrets of the trade as she grew up into a fine womanpuss. Combined with her natural beauty, her rise to fame as the most desired puss of Britain was inevitable.

She made strong men weep like babes. She had young mothers swooning in their bed chambers. She aroused the pleasure of the elders. And she made children long to live by her example. Delilah was unfathomably delicate and cuddly to the touch. She was...

Well. In a word... she was, divine.     

And so, as such there is no doubt in our minds. Delilah is truly the best representation our team could ever find for Pussycoin. As the puss in it’s finest physical form, she represents symbolically what it means to take both pleasure and pride in the human body.
With Sir Henry Isaac
Curious what's happening in Pussycoin town? Here are the latest headlines...  
Pussycoin Airdrops are underway!
April 30, 17:30pm AEDT
After much debate amongst the team, we have decided that airdrops are the best way to spread our Pussy love. 

We will be giving out random amounts of Pussycoin, ranging from a small 100, up to a superpuss load of 5000 tokens per drop!

All you have to do is visit one of our social media sites or forums and like us or post about us. For more details on the sites, click below:

Join our team at Pussycoin!
March 31, 19:42pm AEDT
We are currently looking for developers, promoters, marketing folk, content writers and other creative types! If you think you have something to offer the team, please check the link.

We are now live on Social Media!
March 18, 17:46pm AEDT
Pussycoin has extended it's paws to Facebook, Twitter and Reddit! Please check the homepage for the links. Even though we think Facebook and Twitter are pretty lame (centralized... *cough* centralized *meow*) feel free to like us anyway!! 
Pussycoin.co is launched!
March 15, 20:06pm AEDT
Amazingly, with the support of our lovely team at PussyCoin, we are finally able to launch our  cuddly project! PussyCoin.co! Please remember to send us a message by clicking the mail button on the home page. We'd love to hear from you! And if you have any problems viewing the webpage, please let us know so we can fix them!
Want to purchase Pussy? We're currently in the process of our Pussycoin Airdrop. 
The airdrops are currently by far the best means to get your paws on some fresh Pussycoin. And it's free! Please check the "news" section on the homepage, for more info. 
Also, we are in the process finishing up our white paper. And we don't recommend purchasing crypto tokens without reading a white paper! 

These notes aside, if you really, really like our page and you'd like to support us, you're welcome to buy some Pussy Coin. Please send ETH to the address below (you may also use the QR code) or email us. In return, you will receive the equivalent amount in Pussycoin. 
1 PUSS = 0.000015 ETH (approx. 0.01  USD)*
Please note:

It may take up to 24 hours for Pussycoin to be sent to your wallet. If you have not received your tokens after 24 hours, please email us. 

*Pre-sale tokens are currently available at a rate of: 1 PUSS = 0.000015 ETH (approx. 0.01 USD). The Ethereum value may change slightly from time to time, in order to keep the rate of Pussycoin approximate to the USD value 0.01 per token. This will especially happen if the value no longer equals 0.01 to two decimal places. 

Total Pussycoin in circulation - 597,122,000
(This amount represents the estimated number of pussy cats in the world). 

No more than 10% of total Pussycoin will available for pre-sale. 

Feel free at anytime to send us a message regarding purchasing or if there any issues with your transfer.